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MedTrait® Pharmacogenetic and Complete

Medication Management Clinical Report

Trait Technologies, Inc. presents MedTrait® PGx Report for Medication Metabolism and Risk Factor Assessment.

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MedTrait is a PGx-guided report and interpretation solution which combines pharmacogenetics, drug interactions, duplicate therapy awareness, demographics and lifestyle factors into a powerful medication and risk information platform, offering healthcare providers a tool for personalized medicine, leading to better patient outcomes.

MedTrait bridges the gap between complicated genetic data and clinical guidance, paving the way for better prescribing decisions - quickly and simply - in many areas of patient care including poly-pharmacy, pain management, mental health, cardiology, surgery, pediatrics, OB/GYN and more.

MedTrait is created by Trait Technologies, Inc. Our scientific leadership has over 26 years of genetic experience alongside a leading company in the field. The MedTrait team includes experienced professionals maintaining the most powerful pharmacogenetic reporting platform available.

Why MedTrait?
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The MedTrait Advantage
Detailed Personalized Prescribing and Alternatives Guidance
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Responsive, Interactive Real Time Decisions Platform
Actionable Clinical Reports
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MedTrait is a medication management and pharmacogenetic (PGx) interpretation reporting platform delivered by Trait Technologies, Inc. that allows clinicians to quickly evaluate the scientific integrity of curated PGx information.


MedTrait launched in the summer of 2018. 

Our scientific leadership first began offering clinical PGx testing in 2013.  Twenty plus years of genetic testing and interpretation experience has helped guide this unique group of scientists to find accurate and reliable solutions for personalized medicine.


MedTrait believes personalized medicine - guided by advances in genetics - helps bypass the traditional trial-and-error prescribing model to quickly reach optimal treatment. When performed and implemented properly, PGx testing significantly increases patient health outcomes and decreases inefficiencies within the healthcare system.


MedTrait is developed and designed to exceed these healthcare goals, with a level of ethical scientific integrity focused on maximizing clinical utility.


MedTrait's curated interpretations, knowledge base and reporting platform are developed for transparent, quick and actionable prescribing guidance and risk factor assessment for whole-person treatment.


MedTrait comprehensively evaluates each person's genetics, drug-drug interactions, demographics and lifestyle factors to deliver treatment guidance for both current and future healthcare decisions and needs. The MedTrait report also includes access to the interactive MedTrait online app for updating medications, accessing updated scientific information and evaluating alternatives in real time.

MedTrait's whole-person approach targets multiple treatment areas including poly-pharmacy, mental health, pain management, cardiology, anti-ADHD, OB/GYN and surgery.


The flexibility of the MedTrait platform allows full implementation into existing systems as an interpretation solution, a full-featured standalone PGx report, and everything in between.

MedTrait is backed by a team of professionals dedicated to delivering personalized medicine guidance with maximum transparency, clinical utility and accuracy.  MedTrait is a collaborative effort of data curated by Trait’s genetic scientists and pharmacists with computer programmers to create a highly functional PGx Assisted Medication Management Platform.




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MedTrait is a powerful interpretation platform available to clinicians as a standalone report and to organizations as a fully integrated solution.
To learn more or schedule a product demo with one of our consultants, reach out directly.

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