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  • What is MedTrait?
    MedTrait is a laboratory report and interpretation solution which combines pharmacogenetics, drug interactions, duplicate therapy awareness and lifestyle factors into a powerful medication and risk factor management platform, offering healthcare providers a tool to access curated PGx interpretations and their literature references. View the MedTrait launch press release here.
  • How do I view my MedTrait report?
    MedTrait reports are issued to your ordering healthcare provider by the laboratory performing the pharmacogenetic testing. Speak to your provider to review and receive a copy of your report. Reports can also be obtained directly from the laboratory to take to your current provider. If you are a medical provider, click here to access the interactive MedTrait online app after receiving your patient's report.
  • I have my MedTrait report or MedTrait wallet card, how do I access the online app and tools?"
    As a medical provider, login here to access you patient's MedTrait online app, which includes tools for updating medications and evaluating alternatives in real time.
  • How do I order a MedTrait report for myself?
    MedTrait can be ordered by a qualified healthcare provider. Contact MedTrait for informational materials and guidance, or to be put in touch with a participating healthcare provider near you.
  • How do I provide MedTrait reports to patients at my healthcare facility?
    Contact MedTrait directly to learn more about onboarding with a MedTrait affiliated laboratory. Or schedule a live demo.
  • How do I integrate MedTrait into my laboratory or interpretation system?
    Contact MedTrait directly to learn more integrating directly with the MedTrait platform. Or schedule a live demo.
  • Where can I find contact information for the laboratory that performed my test and issued my MedTrait report?
    Contact information for the testing laboratory can be found on the lower left corner of any MedTrait printed or PDF report, or on the back of the MedTrait wallet card.
  • How do I interpret a MedTrait report?
    MedTrait is intended to interpreted by a qualified medical professional. Ordering medical professionals and MedTrait affiliated representatives may reach out to the MedTrait team directly to request an official MedTrait Features and Interpretation guide.
  • Where can I find MedTrait forms and paperwork?
    Contact MedTrait or your MedTrait affiliated testing laboratory for educational materials, forms or other paperwork.
  • How can I view a sample laboratory report and access a sample patient's interactive medication management feature?
    Reach out to the MedTrait team directly to schedule a demo.
  • What can I do if I'm having technical difficulties with the MedTrait App or trouble logging in?
    Please contact the MedTrait team directly.
  • Where can I view MedTrait's legal policies, including the app's EULA?"
    Visit MedTrait's legal information page here.
  • How can I get more help?
    Contact the MedTrait team directly.
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