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Empowering Clinical Genetic Laboratories with Pharmacogenetic-Guided Reporting and Complete Medication Management

MedTrait partners with laboratories that share our dedication to elevating the quality of care by delivering actionable pharmacogenetic-guided personalized prescribing and risk factor insights.
MedTrait Paper Report
MedTrait reports are clear, concise and actionable.

And interactive.
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MedTrait goes beyond standard pharmacogenetic (PGx) interpretation by providing a complete medication management solution.
We believe that PGx results are most effective when considered alongside the patient's complete medication regimen. 

MedTrait comprehensively analyzes:
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Developed by a team of clinical geneticists, laboratory scientists and pharmacists, MedTrait is dedicated to providing the highest level of scientific integrity and clinical utility. 
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MedTrait is available to qualified clinical laboratories and healthcare systems as a full featured PGx-guided precision medicine reporting and interpretation solution.

Direct integration with your laboratory's LIS ensures a seamless workflow.
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Accompanying a PGx test, MedTrait delivers a comprehensive PDF report which assists healthcare providers to interpret clinical laboratory information with PGx-guided medication management and risk factor insights.
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The MedTrait web application further empowers healthcare providers with real-time access to the patient's precision medicine insights alongside interactive medication management tools and the latest interpretative data.
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The MedTrait team partners with your laboratory every step of the way, offering comprehensive support from onboarding to integration and ongoing success.
Reach out to our team to explore how MedTrait can enhance your laboratory services, driving increased value for your customers and a higher standard of patient care.

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