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MedTrait® Pharmacogenetic Report and Complete Medication Management Solution

Empowering Clinical Laboratories with Comprehensive PGx Reporting and Interpretation

MedTrait partners with laboratories that share our dedication to elevating the quality of care by delivering actionable pharmacogenetic insights. We believe that pharmacogenetic results are most effective when considered alongside the patient's complete medication regimen. This comprehensive approach empowers healthcare providers to make well-informed prescribing decisions. 

MedTrait is a laboratory report and interpretation solution which combines pharmacogenetics, drug interactions, duplicate therapy awareness, demographics and lifestyle factors into a powerful medication and risk information platform, offering healthcare providers a tool for personalized medicine, leading to better patient outcomes.

At MedTrait, we prioritize scientific integrity and transparency. Each medication in the platform is accompanied by a scientific evidence score, and all statements are meticulously cited, enabling clinicians to conduct their independent research for each recommendation provided. 


MedTrait is readily available to clinical laboratories as a streamlined reporting and interpretation solution, seamlessly integrating into your workflow. With each PGx test, MedTrait generates a comprehensive PDF report, encompassing both a clinical laboratory report and a separate provider tool that offers PGx-guided medication insights. Additionally, every MedTrait report provides access to our interactive web-based application, allowing  providers to access the patient's unique genetic profile and medication regimen, and make updates in real time.


Reach out today to explore how MedTrait can enhance your laboratory services, driving increased value for your customers and a higher standard of patient care. 

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